About Us

About Us

Learn From Experienced Instructors

Corporate Krav Maga has assembled a team of instructors each of whom have decades of experience in the martial arts. Drawing from such disciplines as Karate, Kung Fu, American Boxing, Judo, and, of course, Krav Maga we bring best of breed lesson plans, situational strategies and  tactical drill work to each session.

Benefit From a Customized Private Lesson

We are privileged to have studied with direct students of Imi Lichtenfeld, Krav Maga’s founder.  Our instructors also have multiple certifications across the major international Krav Maga federations. Having this breadth of perspective on the various techniques taught across the world, our instructors are able to customized solutions to fit the physicality of each student.


We offer different modules of training which focus the students on very specific problem resolutions.
Each module is taught as a stand-alone , with no prior module required for student understanding.
The following is a non-exhaustive list as we are happy to customize curriculum to
meet specific needs

Abduction Defenses
(Open Handed)

Airport/Travel-based Defenses

Weapon Survival

Active Shooter Protocols

Ground Attack Survival

Sexual Assault Defenses

Car Jacking/Parking lot Defenses

Weapons of Convenience

Defending a Third Party
(VIP or Family member)

Control and Containment for Security Personnel

I really can't say enough about Gus, Eric and all the other highly skilled instructors. The quality of the training they provide, the emphasis on practical applications, and the extraordinary care and consideration shown to everyone, from newbies to advanced practitioners, all add up to an experience that I eagerly look forward to every session.

Michael Crystal

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to Gus and his staff four years ago. Gus’ passion for helping people avoid violence and/or deal with the unavoidable was obvious from the first few minutes I spent with him on the mats. His dedication to his craft - as both a practitioner and a teacher - are equally impressive. Gus is that rare combination of a skilled athlete who also possesses a true gift for coaching. Any good practitioner can say “do this” and demonstrate a technique. But Gus’ focus is never on showing off his own abilities. His focus, and real talent, is communicating in a way that will help students improve their own abilities.

David Martin

I would highly recommend Gus as an instructor for any individual who either desires to learn Krav Maga as a serious student with the intention of mastering the art or for someone like myself who just wants to be capable of defending himself.

Joseph W. DiGiacinto, Esq.

I joined Gus Bottazzi's school three years ago in the hope to learn practical self defense that would work for a five foot tall woman. I found what I wanted, and so much more: great exercise that reshaped my body; the deeper, philosophical aspects of the system that I find to affect my approach to everyday situations beyond the scenario of physical threat (e.g. how to channel my energy and stay focused but relaxed to achieve best performance); and last but not the least, the sheer fun of training with a group of people from all walks of life who share a passion for being strong and self-reliant.

Private training is a great way to complement regular classes particularly if you want to get results quickly or if you have an interst in specialty areas. Eric is a tremendously impressive and versatile martial artist, and a natural at teaching. He reads people well and tailors his teaching style to what his students need most (he seems to know what I need before I do). This comes from depth of knowledge and genuine desire to help his students.


Irina Moore

I have always been big enough and in good enough shape that I felt like I would not be a natural target for aggression.  However, as I approached 60, I realized that age was going to negate this and my chance of becoming a target would increase.  I couldn’t fight age, but I could gain knowledge  and that is what training with Gus Bottazi has given me.

We spend hours working on not only what to do if an altercation were to occur, but even more importantly the steps to take to avoid conflict. This is probably more valuable than the training for the actual fight.  If avoidance were to fail, I now have the skills to defend myself or those around me.  Constant training has made what to do in most situations automatic.  This includes physical fights, knife attacks, or what to do if a firearm is presented as a threat.  I never want to be in a position to use this, but it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have the skills in case there is no choice.

Howard Levy

Every training session has built upon the prior skills my son has learned.  Recently when reviewing videos of his training I had taken over time, it was clear to me how effective and transformative his instruction has been.  The change in confidence that my son has, in his ability to avoid and manage conflict is both quietly and visibly, dramatic. 

This program is the real deal.  You won’t be bored, you will learn.  After slightly more than two years since his first training session, I can clearly express my confidence in my son’s ability to “get home safe”, (the mission of Krav Maga).

It is our distinct privilege to be the benefactors of Gus and his instructors, skills, talents and attitude to deliver excellence. His positive outlook, passion for his work, enthusiasm, professionalism, talents, honesty, reliability and expertise are prime factors that contribute to the success of the Israeli Krav Maga team. 

Herb Kinsmann

Few things act as a rallying cry as much as banding together against a common enemy.
Corporate Krav Maga has built a series of team building modules that teach all participants how to move, strike and ultimately beat a violent attacker.

All drills are fun, street applicable and completely safe for a work environment. Whether it's a team of 5 or 50, we have a selection of lesson plans that we've culled over decades of combined training.

Come together as a team, work up a little sweat and a lot of confidence.