Self Defense Programs

Self Defense Programs

How it Works

The strategies and tactics we teach are authentic Krav Maga as is taught presently in Israel. All instruction is based upon solving real-world violent encounters, harnessing the physical skill sets of the student to the best of their ability. Corporate Krav Maga conducts its training on client sites and will adapt all solutions to utilize whatever the terrain allows.

Our instructors are well-trained and understand the different capabilities of people in the room and will adjust the level of difficulty and athleticism required to ensure everyone's safety. 

Our Philosophy 

All self defense programs are constructed into specific modules. Each module describes a problem that our students might face in the real world. We then empower the students with principles and strategies that create a path to safety. Throughout each module, footwork, striking, and all physical requirements needed to defeat an attacker will be detailed and drilled.

It is Corporate Krav Maga’s sole mission to ensure that regardless of age, ability, or injury, all solutions created are customized to ensure victory.

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