Team Building Programs

Team Building

Rally Your Team

Few things act as a rallying cry as much as banding together against a common enemy. Our instructors will take your team and give them a sophisticated problem to try to solve. In some cases the problem might involve a situation that affects the safety or well-being of a member of the team.

Krav Maga, at its very essence, is a problem solving system. Every violent encounter can be deconstructed into its key elements so that strategies are developed for success and then tactics implemented to achieve most efficient and timely results. The benefit of this system of self-defense is that it enables anyone, regardless of ability, age, or injury to have a solution designed that will work for them.

Overcome Adversity Together

Upon completion, your group will feel as though they've learned new skills which are real world relevant, becoming  a team dedicated to a common cause.  Your team will learn how to effectively apply rules for success under increasingly stressful situations. Watch each person grow closer to their fellow team members as they've now just overcome adversity together. 

Come together as a team, work up a little sweat and a lot of confidence.

Whether it's a team of 5 or 50, we have a selection of lesson plans that we've refined over decades of combined training.

All drills are fun, street applicable and completely safe for a work environment.

Seminar/workshop length ranges from 2-4 hours and can be customized to meet individual company requirements. We are confident we will be able to customize a program that meets the needs of your business
and look forward to the opportunity to training you in the near future.

Contact us today and let us design a program that is right for you.